Chronic Back Pain – Must be Aware of These Symptoms

Chronic back pain is the second type of lower back pain that occurs due to bony lumbar spine, problems in the discs present between the vertebrae, ligaments present around the spine and discs. It can also be caused due to the skin problem involving the lumbar area. There are many other causes of back pain too like infection of the spine or pelvis, muscle spasm, virus infections, strain, sprain as in ligament injury, metastatic cancer which is the cancer that has been spread and reached spine from some part of body.

Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain has become a very common problem involving around 4 out of 5 people from every country. This problem can be faced by anyone, but a certain age group that is 35 to 55 is likely to go through this problem.

Chronic pain is a pain that has a deep, aching and an acute burning sensation in the back and sometimes, this pain also travel towards the legs. For a person who is facing back pain, it becomes very difficult for him to carry on with daily activities promptly and properly. Chronic pain lasts for many weeks and is not temporary, unlike acute pain. Chronic pain is also caused due to an old injury on some part of the body that is connected to back and thus, pain shoots from back to legs. It can also cause nerve damage or arthritis as the pain gets into nerves.

There are many symptoms that can help to determine if you really have a chronic back pain. They are as follows:

  • When the pain is there in the back and in the middle of the pain when the patient coughs or sneezes with force, the pain becomes gnawing and excruciating.
  • Back pain also comes along with fever and usually a very high temperature.
  • Sometimes, during the back pain redness or swelling also occurs on the lower back where the pain hits.
  • The chronic pain is not just limited to one place; it has the intensity to move and to spread. It usually spreads from back to legs, hips and can also reach below your knees.
  • The pain is intense and can cause numbness or weakness in both of your legs and can also move to buttocks.
  • The bowel control is lost which is due to the problem in bladder. This is also a symptom of chronic back pain.

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