5 Best Yoga Swing Reviews-Buyer Guide 2021

A yoga swing is a very useful piece of equipment for practicing inversion therapy that helps relieving back pains and other problems of the spine. This type of therapy increases joint mobility and healthy blood circulation, providing you with more energy and overall well being.

While trying to find a good yoga swing, you need to focus on several aspects that will be showed to you right away. In this guide, you will also find the best yoga swings in 2019, selected from the most popular products of this type on the market.

If you’re here just to find the best yoga swing for the money and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered a lot of data regarding the best yoga swings on the market by looking at the owner feedback, the sales figures, and the value all of these options offer for the price.

Out of the products we’ve reviewed, the YOGABODY Naturals Trapeze is the best as it does wonders when it comes to relieving back pain and can significantly help users improve their flexibility. Besides, it’s easy to setup and utilize as its installation can last just three minutes. Since it is backed by a 10-year warranty, this product is the top recommended yoga trapeze for sale. What’s more, it is affordable and critically acclaimed as many owners have expressed their satisfaction with regard to what it can do for them. If the YOGABODY Naturals Trapeze is not available, you could also consider the second best choice out there, the YOGABODY Sling.

Top Yoga Swings in 2019

We searched through all the best yoga swing reviews in order to find the most popular models at the moment. The next products are highly appreciated by yoga practitioners and they are everything you need in a yoga swing of outstanding quality. You will not go wrong picking any of these.

YOGABODY Naturals Yoga Trapeze

Based on our research, this product is one of the most popular alternatives out there on the market, as yoga practitioners are raving about its capabilities and construction. The neat thing about this product is that it is a great help if you plan to say goodbye to regular back pain. While many other models claim to offer the same benefits, the YOGABODY appears to live up to the customers’ expectations as it’s easy to use and makes bending comfortable as long as you stick to the golden rules. Furthermore, this product is an excellent option for a beginner, as it comes with comprehensive instructions presented in the form of YouTube videos.

The only disadvantage of getting this unit consists of the fact that it does not come with a ceiling mount. As such, owners have to purchase one separately. However, most of the suspension systems we’ve discovered are being sold for less than ten dollars, which means that getting such an item wouldn’t be a huge expense. Over time, this yoga trapeze has gathered over ninety favorable Amazon reviews which goes to show just how much it can improve the flexibility of users. Plus, it is covered by a 10-year warranty.

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Yoga Sling

If you are new to inversion therapy and you have no idea where to start, purchasing the Yoga Trapeze is a good idea. Relieving back pains in just several minutes, while you are hanging upside down, this yoga swing is a great addition to your yoga practice. In this position, your spine is gently decompressed, and your back stretches, helping it achieve its natural position and relieving muscle and joint pains.

When you want to practice certain yoga backbends, you need increased flexibility. This can be achieved by spending some time daily in a yoga swing such as this.

There is nothing you cannot do when using this swing. Any dips, squats and pushups are made much easier with the help of the Yoga Trapeze.

As far as its weight limit is concerned, this one can handle up to 300 lbs, and the manufacturer says that it was actually tested for up to 600 lbs, so you don’t have to worry that the swing will not be able to support your weight.

The manufacturer offers a 10 year warranty on the parts, so this is the type of product you can trust. Used in many fitness and yoga centers around the world, the Yoga Trapeze is a recommended buy.

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Seasofbeauty Yoga Inversion Sling

Seasofbeauty Yoga Swing Inversion Sling

If you’re unwilling to spend over one hundred dollars on a yoga swing, perhaps you’d like to check out this item as we’ve seen that it’s reasonably priced and usually costs less than fifty dollars, regardless of the online retailer of your choice. The product is made with polyester taffeta and is durable enough to accommodate the physique of individuals whose weights can go up to three hundred pounds.

The main difference between the Seasofbeauty model and others we’ve analyzed is the fact that it includes a set of four independent hooks that you can use to hang up the sling from the ceiling. Aside from the actual product, the package also contains six foam handles as well as six training belts. It might be worth noting that this is one of the few options on the market today that come with a carrying bag, allowing you to benefit from the same yoga routine everywhere you go. Based on the consumer reports, it seems that the Seasofbeauty unit is well worth the price as it is just as robust and durable as hammocks and slings that are typically used in yoga studios. Plus, some people recommend it for novices.

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Wing Yoga Swing

There are no yoga poses and stretches you will not be able to achieve, once you begin using the Wing Yoga Swing. As many of the best yoga swing reviews available online point out, this swing can be successfully used as a hammock, so it is ideal for taking it along with you on trips and vacations, so you can relax in your own hammock brought from home.

The Wing Yoga Swing is made of the same fabric used for making parachutes, so it is very sturdy. The six grip handles are a welcome addition, expanding the versatility of this great yoga swing.

Weighting less than 3 lbs, this yoga hammock and swing is easy to carry around. A carry bag is provided free of charge and it makes things much easier when you need to pack for a longer trip.

The adjustable straps make installation a breeze, and you will actually install the whole thing in just one minute. Whenever you need a bit of inversion therapy or to increase your flexibility for your yoga poses, having a yoga swing at your fingertips is highly recommended.

Supporting up to 300 lbs, this yoga swing is a welcome addition to your yoga routines.

Gravotonics Inversion Sling

Dark Blue Yoga Inversion Swing

The Gravotonics Inversion Sling is a very handy choice when you are looking for a no frills product to enhance your yoga routine. Weighing 2.9 lbs, the sling is very lightweight and can be taken on vacations or to other locations than your home where you want to practice your yoga poses.

Providing you with the best tool to enhance your core strength, the yoga swing reviewed here allows you to move your body in all directions with great ease, and even hang upside down, to enjoy all the great benefits of inversion therapy.

You do not have to worry that the sling will not be able to handle your weight. Made using parachute fabric, well known for its resistance to wear and tear, the Gravotonics Inversion Sling will help you practice your yoga poses, while increasing your flexibility.

You can use this swing both indoors and outdoors. Easy to install, the sling is very handy when you want to enjoy a bit of fresh air, while practicing yoga. With three different arm and leg handles on each side, you will find it easy to practice even more complex moves that will help you regain the energy balance in your body.

Dark Blue Yoga Inversion Swing

How Pick Best Yoga Swing


Whenever you are purchasing a new yoga swing, focus on understanding its real size in both length and width. You will easily discover that no two products are exactly the same, and some may be more comfortable than others, because they provide more support by being wider and longer.

Weight limit

The last thing you want when practicing yoga is to suffer an accident. As you’ll be hanging from the swing, upside down, you need to know that the swing is capable of holding your weight. Always check the weight limit on the specifications, to see if you have already found the right item, or, on the contrary, you should move along and search for something else.


Your yoga swing should be easy to pack, store away and transport everywhere you need to go. For instance, if you go on a vacation, but you do not want to skip your yoga practice, packing your yoga swing is mandatory. Some of the models on the market can be used as hammocks, as well, so if you are searching for the top rated yoga hammock of 2020, you need to see which products offer both conveniences in the same package.


Yoga swings are not every expensive, but a good warranty is a sign that the swing will be able to serve you for many years, without any unfortunate mishaps to worry about. It also shows that the manufacturer invested the high quality materials and the necessary technology to create a good quality product that will not disappoint you.

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