9 Best LED Flashlight Reviews-Buyer Guide 2020

We have tried to keep this guide as simple and non-technical as possible. For the purposes of this guide the words ‘torch’ and ‘flashlight’ are interchangeable.  ‘Torch’ is British English, whereas ‘flashlight’ is more prevalent among North American speakers. They both mean a small battery-powered electric lamp.

In addition, any information here refers to best LED flashlights from high-quality manufacturers. These include 4Sevens, DereeLight, EagleTac, Fenix, ITP, JETBeam, Nitecore, Olight, Surefire, Tiablo and WolfEyes. This is by no means a full list. We do not endorse any products from these companies unless we have tested them.

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In my search for my perfect led flashlights, after researching and reading a lot of real customer reviews, I narrowed it down to Top 3 Best Led Flashlights for multi purpose that offer true quality for their price. Remember that there’s nothing out there 100% perfect, however some of the best flashlights which I listed below can actually get pretty close.

So, below is a comparison table of the technical specifications of each of the 3 Best Flashlights, as well as their Amazon customers rating and their price:

Why do you want to buy a fashlight?

Before you buy the best flashlight, you should have a rough idea of what you need it for. This is the most important consideration of all. To take two extreme examples, a security guard will want a rather different light than a camper.  Do you work in the marine or aviation fields? Then you will need more sophisticated functions than someone just going for an evening stroll with the dog.

Think about this seriously. If nothing else, you could save a lot of money by not buying a state-of-the-art led flashlight with a variety of impressive but unnecessary functions. Whatever you do, don’t open your wallet after listening to an awe-struck sales clerk. If you like what they offer, check out the online led flashlight reviews and comparisons with other products and prices.

Let’s focus on what different torches offer in order to give you an idea of what you may or may not need.

Streamlight 77555

LED Flashlight with 12-Volt DC Charger

People who look for light, compact, and powerful rechargeable flashlights usually end up buying the Streamlight 77555. It’s a well-made tool, with some pretty neat specifications and features. It can deliver up to 350 lumens continuously for 4.5 hours while running on “medium” mode. The low mode provides around 90 lumens for 16 hours.


The design is pretty good, although some people consider this flashlight lengthy. The dimensions are 2.4 x 11.82 x 3 inches, and it weighs a pound. As you can see, it’s longer than the palm of your hand, and some people don’t like that. On the other hand, the structural integrity of the unit is exceptional.​

The rugged body ensures a tight grip, which is especially useful during rough weather conditions such as rain or snow. The pleasant surprise when it comes to the design is the unbreakable polycarbonate lens. It also has a scratch-resistant coating, meaning it’s shockproof and can withstand a scratch or two without a single issue.


The unit is powered by a 5-cell 6V Ni-MH battery that can be recharged up to a thousand times. The battery also fits any existing Streamlight charger meaning you can recharge it by using other chargers made by this company.


The Ni-MH batteries are much more durable and safer than any other AAA ones. Also, the 5-cell battery needs around 10 hours to recharge fully, while other models on the market need up to 15 hours.

Extra Feature:

It’s safe to say that this particular model meets most of your requirements. It has everything you’re looking for in a rechargeable flashlight – durability, power, and usefulness.​

It’s affordable, and it won’t damage your budget at all. Whether you’re looking for a wide or focused illumination, the Streamlight 77555 will do the job well.

Streamlight 77555 UltraStinger LED Flashlight

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