5 Best Freshwater Aquarium Plants Reviews-Buying Guide 2020

Which should you choose? Live Plants or Artificial Plants for you freshwater aquarium.  Which is better can be argued both ways, and will ultimately boil down to personal preference, maintenance level and budget.

Freshwater Aquarium plants are very important to provide food, shelter and habitat to fishes. These plants enable you to solve your oxygen and PH balance problem in water for the better growth of fishes. It keeps your fish healthy and fresh by providing satisfactory environment. Basically these plants are beneficial for both you and your fish as it provides heart touching display. They just require 8 hours light duration to survive.

Here are the major pros and cons on the subject of live plants in your freshwater aquarium:

Oxygen (O2) converts to Carbon Dioxide (CO2).  Fish breathe O2 and emit CO2, live plants absorb CO2 and emit O2.  Perfect circle right?  It can be if you balance your plant load to fish load.  The biggest danger to your fish is that plants use oxygen at night and too many can cause a shortage for your fish.  If you are concerned, you can always run an air stone at night.  Clearly this is not a consideration for artificial plants.

Live plants absorb toxins and harbor beneficial bacteria.  Live plants also require nitrate for growth.  Fish excrete ammonia, beneficial bacteria living on and around the plants convert the ammonia to nitrite which is then converted to nitrate.  The plants use nitrate for food to grow, thereby reducing the levels of harmful toxins in your tank.  Algae growth is inhibited also if the nitrate levels are lower.

The flip side to this is you must be diligent about removing decaying plants as this can add to the nitrate levels (remember, nitrate = algae).  And of course artificial plants do none of this, no penalty and no gain.

Live plants serve as a food source for your herbivores.  Good right?  You bet, assuming you don’t mind looking at tattered chewed up leaves!  Artificial plants always look great and can be scrubbed up if they start looking dirty.

Parasites and Snails!  Live plants will come with snails and possibly other parasites that can harm your fish.  A diligent sterilization process will significantly reduce any risk of parasites, but snails will become the bane of any aquarist wanting to put freshwater plants in their aquarium.



Florida 10 Species Live Aquarium Plants Bundle

Florida 10 Species Live Aquarium Plants Bundle

  • 10 Species
  • 10 grown plant bunches
  • 6 to 12 inches in height
  • Perfect for 10+ gallons aquariums
25+ stems / 6 species Live Aquarium Plants

25+ stems / 6 species Live Aquarium Plants

  • 6 species Live Aquarium Plants
  • 25+ stems
  • Amazon Sword (Echinodorus bleheri),Anacharis,Cryptocoryne Wendtii Bronze ,Red Ludwigia,Moneywort, Hornwort
10 Species Live Aquarium Plants Package

10 Species Live Aquarium Plants Package

  • 10 species Live Plants
  • Sword (Echinodorus bleheri), Anacharis,Cryptocoryne Wendtii Bronze,Red Ludwigia,Moneywort,Hornwort,Red Flame Sword,Vallisneria,Rotala Indica,Cambomba
 Rooted Live Aquarium Plant Bundle

Rooted Live Aquarium Plant Bundle

  • 6 Easy Species | Snail Free
  • Amazon Bleheri, Anubias, Java Fern, Golden Melon Sword, Hadi Red Pearl Sword and Kleiner Bar Sword

1 Hornwort Bunch - 5+ Stems | Ceratophyllum Demersum

1 Hornwort Bunch - 5+ Stems | Ceratophyllum Demersum

You get 1 cluster of Hornwort with at least 5 stalks that can be divided and planted in your reservoir according to your fondness. These plants have high growth rate and easily growing with low maintenance. It can grow hovering which can hide smaller fishes and protect them. You have to keep it appropriate temperature otherwise it will suffer due to high temperature. Avoid ordering live plants while temperature is too low even below 20F or above 100F.


  • Easy to plant separately according to your interested aquarium
  • Provides heart touching and viewer attractive look
  • Suitable for some specific weathers
  • Provides natural and protective habitat for fishes and invertebrates
  • Fast grow rate with beautiful patterns.
Beginner Tropical Live Aquarium Plant

Aquatic Arts Brazilian Pennywort

Aquatic Arts Brazilian Pennywort

Brazilian Pennywort is a famous stalk plant that has high growth rate. It contains leaves of different colors and shapes, they relate with lily pads in form and color. It presents in the water columns and it widely used for the removal of waste materials from the water columns. It comes from 2 to 4 stalks that has length 8 to 16 inches and available at low price.


  • Attractive colorful green leaves.
  • High growth rate and low maintenance plant.
  • Provides biofilm, drubbing places and protection for the juvenile when you place it proliferation tank.
  • Provides shelter and security for its youngers when it is in breeding tank
  • Don’t require special medium to grow.
Aquatic Arts Brazilian Pennywort

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