7 Best Firewood Log Racks and Bins Reviews-Buyer Guide 2020

Do you heat your home with firewood?

This page features firewood racks, bins, and holders for use outdoors or inside next to the fireplace or wood stove.

There’s also a poll for the best firewood. What is your favorite? Please let us know.

The firewood racks and bins on this page are the best I’ve found to store wood. It is important to keep wood up off the floor – you don’t want to ruin your floor! Also use of a firewood rack will discourage bugs, mold and mildew.

The best firewood ever

…is nearby.

By far, the best firewood ever is what’s growing near your locality. If you’re living in a home where only wood heat is available, you know what you can get.

Around here (Far-Northern California) we get fir, oak, and madrone.

The first year we were here an unscrupulous firewood provider continually sold us pine knowing it would burn too fast and coat the interior of our home with soot. Thank goodness I was a newbie only one year!

Shelter Logic Firewood Rack

Wider rack, with three lengths available.

Heavy Duty Outdoor Firewood Rack with Steel Frame

Not as sturdy as the Woodhaven rack (#1 above) but wider in case you favor logs longer than 14 inches. Comes with the cover and keeps wood elevated to avoid bugs, mold, and rot. The all-steel frame has a black powder finish for outdoor or indoor use. This rack fits split wood up to 4 feet in length. The sides slide up and down to adjust to the height of your wood stack. Three lengths available.

  • Assembled Dimensions: 15.5″ W x 49.7″ D x 46.6″ H
  • Total Weight: 28 lbs.
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The Woodhaven Firewood Rack

Indoors or out with a lifetime guarantee!

Foot Firewood Log Rack with Cover

The Woodhaven firewood rack is 16 gauge steel with non-rust stainless steel hardware in a black powder finish.

Made in the USA and built to last with a lifetime warranty.

Includes a cover made of top quality coated canvas that fits around the four uprights so if used outdoors, the top row of wood stays dry and ready to burn while air flows through the rest to promote curing and reduce mold or mildew. Velcro front sides allow quick access to firewood.

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Minuteman Country Wood Holder

Comes with fireplace tools.

Country Wood Holder with Tools

Rustic and attractive, this sturdy, well-made log holder comes with a set of fireplace tools. Underneath there’s even a place to hold papers for kindling! This is gorgeous. What’s not to like?

  • Wood holder
  • Graphite powder coated
  • Measures 23-inch w by 11-1/2-inch d by 30-inch h
Minuteman International LCR-07 Country Wood Holder with Tools

Panacea Adjustable Length Log Rack

You will need to provide the 2x4s and screws.

Panacea 15206 Adjustable Length Log Rack

This is an adjustable length firewood log rack. What you get are two end pieces… you will provide the 2x4s for the bottom, and the screws. The end pieces are powder coated for outdoor or indoor use. The rack is sturdy and attractive.

Panacea 15206 Adjustable Length Log Rack

Attractive Firewood Log Rack

Looks great indoors!

Panacea 15919 Log Bin with Scrolls

This log bin is dark brown/black with burnished golden bronze colored accents – a great fireplace accessory.

Beautiful indoors filled with firewood logs, ready to burn in the fire. Decorative scrollwork on each panel with vertical bars below.

18 inches in length, and 14 inches wide. 14.5 inches high.

It has a sturdy metal base. While this rack won’t hold a lot of wood it is great for the decor of your living area during winter months.

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