5 Best Crimper Reviews-Buyer Guide 2020

Long, straight tresses are perfect for your everyday look, but if you want to rock it during a special occasion or a great night out with your gal pals, you may want to consider investing in the best crimper hair tool. Finding a good hair crimper is not a piece of cake if you are not a hairstylist. To help you along, here are the important considerations to check out in this kind of hair styling tool.

In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best crimper? 

We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. In order to find the best crimper on the market we have gathered information from expert reviews, feedback from product owners, activity on social media sites, compared sales figures, pricing, value for your money and brand quality so you can find the right product for you.

In our research we noticed that the Bed Head Bh307cn1 stood out from the competition and quickly became our choice for the best hair crimper due to its comfortable and easy to handle design, two inch plates, and convenient controls that make it hard to make a mistake when you are styling your hair. This hair crimper might not always be easily available or priced to fit all beauty budgets, which is why we also recommend the Gold N’ Hot GH3013 as a second option. While this product might lack some of the convenient features that make the top model stand out it is still capable of safely crimping your hair without causing any noticeable frizz or damage, and its affordable price makes it a great alternative choice.

Buying guide


Far from being a long-forgotten styling tool in the ‘90s, a hair crimper is perfect for creating less-than-the-usual hair styles that declare you are not just an ordinary straight-haired lass. When used correctly, it will give your hair plenty of volume, not to mention sleek-looking waves that will look fantastic when wearing your hair down. A hair crimper will also be great in executing an updo as it infuses more texture to your hair to make it stay in place when you want more volume while keeping every strand locked into your hairstyle.

Based on your hair length and the look you are aiming to achieve, you can choose from a variety of hair crimpers on the market. For simply adding texture, you can go for a smaller model. Use a wider tool when you want to get a more subtle waved result. The length and width of a small and thin hair crimper is perfect for short hair, as it offers easy maneuverability and can work on short haircuts. With a large and wide hair crimper, you can cover a large area, making short work of long and thick tresses.

Plate Technology

Free yourself from the usual ponytail and ruler-straight tresses and make the most of the technology that goes into high quality hair crimpers. You can go for metal, tourmaline or ceramic hair crimpers. Choose the technology you feel will work best for your hair type. It is best to use that as a guideline so you can make optimal use of the hair styling tool and ensure great results every time.

Titanium plates on a hair crimper offer extreme strength and the ability to reach very high temperatures. It also provides an effective means to block static electricity and frizz before they even start. Incorporating the benefits of negative ions and infrared heat, titanium is a naturally occurring metal that is 40 percent lighter but is definitely stronger than steel. It offers exceptional heat conduction for faster results. It leaves the hair silky and is best for professional use as well as for normal hair and thick to coarse hair.

Tourmaline is usually used with some other element such as ceramic when used in hair styling tools. A semi-precious stone, tourmaline is crushed and then fused together or layered on titanium or ceramic material to deliver superior negative ion generation. Putting in tourmaline with ceramic delivers extra-smooth tresses to prevent the friction that results from using ceramic alone. This ensures less hair damage in addition to reducing the exposure to high heat while giving you maximum, deep shine. A tourmaline-infused ceramic hair crimper is best for regular use, normal to damaged hair as well as thin to coarse hair.

Best for thin to thick hair and normal to moderate tresses, ceramic is the least expensive element in hair crimper plates. However, not all ceramic hair crimpers are created equal. The really cheap ones scrimp on the element by using only ceramic-coated plates, which are basically just plastic or metal plates treated with ceramic. Of course, more layers of ceramic coating will cost more, but why even think of investing in those kinds of products? Go for 100 percent solid ceramic plates from the get-go and save more than your dollars. The plates of such products are protected from chipping and will not cause annoying hot spots that cause hair damage thanks to their use of consistent infrared heat.

Heat Settings

For short hair, plates less than two inches may be more than enough. For really thick and long hair, you will want larger coverage and less time spent on hair styling, which also means less exposure to heat, so wider 2 inch ceramic and tourmaline plates or other types of plate material may be just what you want. The more vital consideration, however, is the variable heat settings that the tool comes equipped with. Some models have as many as 25 heat settings that allow excellent flexibility to style any type and length of hair. They can reach as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit to capably handle even the most curl-stubborn tresses while ensuring lasting waves throughout the day.

You want the plates to heat up in seconds as well, so you can tackle your hair crimping needs right away. A hair crimper can also deliver an effective temperature range from 280 degrees to 430 degrees, and when coupled with two-inch plates, can be perfect for handling both fine and thick hair. This will let you cover more at a time.

Choose the number of heat settings that you will most likely use extensively.

Your hair crimper can make or break your hairstyle, whether it is made for long or for short hair. Among the many products on the market, we consider any one of these as the best crimper out there.

Top Crimpers in 2019

Add style to your look simply by using a professional crimper. As you probably already observed there are many high quality models available on the market. I worked as a stylist for over 20 years and used some of the best crimpers out there. This is why I drafted some of the best crimper reviews. Women need to use a professional hair styling tool, designed to offer quality results at each use. A good crimper can offer the rocker look you’ve always wanted to have for special occasions. I recommend five major products, known for their capacity to add style and real volume.

Bed Head Bh307cn1

As the best crimp tool, the Bh307cn1 will give your hair plenty of volume and texture. It is designed to be easy and convenient to use, and comes with adjustable settings so you can achieve a variety of styles without damaging your hair.


The Bh307cn1 from Bed Head comes with 2 inch Chrome plates that are designed to give your hair lots of texture and volume without any frizz. 

Bed Head Bh307cn1 Totally Bent Chrome Crimper

The chrome plates directly heat your hair so you can create crimps that will last, quickly and easily. The plate also comes with a locking switch so you don’t have to worry about loose hairs escaping. Hair is smooth and full of volume and texture with this crimping iron.

You will love how easy this crimping iron is to use, especially on busy mornings. Since the plates can be locked into place you can finish styling your hair faster, and with direct heat on your hair it only takes seconds to achieve the look you want. The wide handle fits comfortably in your hand, and you will also appreciate the convenient flexi cord, which allows you to easily move around.

One of the main advantages of the Bh307cn1 is the adjustable settings. You can select the desired setting for heat so you can easily create tight or loose crimps. This also helps to prevent damage that can be caused by excessive heat. Designed to be easy and convenient to use, and capable of creating a variety of styles, it’s not hard to see why this is model is a top choice with consumers.


Some consumers have noted that this crimper does not automatically shut off, and while this is a nice convenience it does not affect its performance.

Bed Head Bh307cn1 Totally Bent Chrome Crimper Buy From Amazon

Gold N Hot GH3013 Gold Tone

Even though this is the second option, there is still plenty to like about this crimping iron. It comes with a comfortable and easy to use design, along with convenient lights, and two inch plates that will help you create a variety of styles.

Gold N' Hot GH3013 Gold Tone Crimping Iron


One of the first aspects you’ll notice about the GH3010 is the ergonomically designed handle, which makes this the perfect choice for use with long or thick hair. The contoured handle fits comfortably in your hand, so you can easily crimped long thick locks without painful cramps or fatigue. This also makes it easier to control the crimper so you can achieve the look that you want.

You never have to worry about making a mistake with this crimper. The convenient lights indicate when the iron is ready to be used, and also reminds you that it is turned on. These lights are particularly useful since the crimper will not turn off automatically.

The two inch metal plates come with a gold tone coating that gives the crimper a sleek and professional look, while also giving your hair texture and volume. The metal plates heat up quickly, and allow you to quickly crimp and create a variety of hair styles.



This crimper does not come with adjustable heat settings, which might not be suitable for all types of hair or styles.

Gold N' Hot GH3013 Gold Tone Crimping Iron Buy From Amazon

Bed Head Deep Waver

Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver

Enabling you to transform your tresses to a work of art, the Bed Head Deep Waver lets you make masterfully sculpted, impressive waves that will be easily noticeable.

The deep waving plates boast tourmaline ceramic technology to deliver shiny, bouncy and frizz-free waves that last all day and all night. You can get even, high heat as the ceramic material penetrates deep into the hair cuticles for inside out elegant styling at its best.

 Your hair can retain its natural moisture no matter which of the multiple heat settings you go for. With its fast 30-second heat-up, this hair crimper lets you style your hair immediately after plug-in. The professional flexi cord facilitates easy handling, while the plate locking switch enables hassle-free storage and transport.

Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver

Hot Tools Hot-1291

 Hot Tools Professional Micro 24K Gold Crimper

The 1 inch plates on this crimper are perfect for short and long hairstyles, and you will love its incredibly fast heat up time. The pulse technology provides even heat for long lasting crimps, and the temperature can be adjusted up to 430 degrees.​

This crimper also features an ergonomic design for comfortable handling, and you will appreciate the 8 foot power cord that gives you plenty of room to move around. Designed to be easy and convenient to use, you will love how your hair looks with this micro crimper.

 Hot Tools Professional Micro 24K Gold Crimper

BaByliss Pro Ceramic Tools CTCR2555

BaBylissPRO CT2555 Ceramic Tools Straightening Iron

Delivering instant, even heat, the BaByliss Pro Ceramic Tools CTCR2555 is a full-size ceramic crimping tool equipped with an impressive number of heat settings (25) and up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, for versatility and total flexibility in styling.


This exceptional styling tool comes with a flexible 8-foot cord that allows you to go all around your head to cover your hair, so no strand is left out of place.

Employing ceramic technology, the hairstyling implement adds volume and also creates a distinctive ridged pattern for that awesome wavy look. The ceramic pulse heat technology ensures gentle crimping while locking in hair’s natural moisture for a frizz-free, flawless look.

 BaBylissPRO CT2555 Ceramic Tools Straightening Iron

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