5 Best 55 Gallon Fish Tank Reviews-Buyer Guide 2020

An aquarium that of like a 55 Gallon, is a dream of many aquarist and setting up a 55 Gallon fish tank is what everyone wants to do. The series of benefits and the power-packed beauty it brings, is surely a head-turner. But if you are dwindling in the thought of its efficiency then you probably want to read our next segment.

Why A 55 Gallon Aquarium Is Worth Buying?

The first thing that comes to the mind of a newbie or an upgrade seeker when he thinks of buying a fish tank of 55 Gallon is what if the tank is difficult to manage?

Well, it is a proven fact that larger tanks are less difficult to manage because the environment fluctuation is comparatively less rapid and the aquatic lives easily adapt to that.

If this, doesn’t convince you, then you may want to look at some more benefits below:

Numerous Choices Of Usage:

When your fish tank, is that big, there are so many things to try. You can make it a planted tank by planting some of the beautiful underwater vegetation, you can keep the saltwater or marine fishes which come in vibrant colors, or you can try keeping only eye-catching coral reefs.

Varied Aquatic Lives:

No matter whatever type you choose, the marine or freshwater fishes, in both cases you will get the opportunity to keep as many as fishes depending on their sizes in your 55 Gal. fish tank.

Dividing The Tank:

With the help of the tank dividers, your 55 Gallon aquarium can be divided into compartments where you can showcase different species of fishes despite their varied temperament.

Breeding Tank:

You can also divide the tank, for breeding and caring for the fry so that their parents do not eat them. Clearly, it will save your money from buying another tank.


You can further make money from your 55 Gallon aquarium by reselling it when you feel the need of an upgrade as there are many aquarists who are looking for 55 Gallon fish tank for sale.

Clearly, you have a plenty of 55 Gallon fish tank ideas, and now it’s time for looking at some of the top 55 Gallons of fish tank available in the market.

Best 55 Gallon Fish Tank Reviews- 2019 Top Picks

Carolina Special Marine 55 Gallon Aquarium Kit Review:

Aqueon Aquarium Fish Tank Starter Kit

The best part about having a Carolina Biological Supply company product is that it comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means if you are not satisfied with the 55 Gallon aquarium kit from Carolina, then you will simply return it for replacement, refund or credit.

Having such confidence in their products, Carolina has been continuously making great aquariums for years and this kit is also not an alternative.


Aquariums manufactured by Carolina are largely famous among the aquarists because of their feature-packed built. Some of the features this kit includes:

  • This 55 Gallon glass fish tank has a sturdy built that makes it absolutely leakage proof and highly durable.
  • The lid has a very aesthetic look with plastic being the primary manufacturing element.
  • A LED light has been included in the 55 Gallon fish tank hood.
  • The tank is the best fit for the marine life.
  • The cabinet or the stand is made of MDF wood which is of heavy-built that gives your 55 Gallon aquarium a sturdy platform to stand for a longer period.
  • The under gravel filter added with this pack does not waste up any space in your tank while giving a powerful filtration.
  • Air pump and Air Line tubing help in the filtration process.
  • The size of this glass made tank is 48 x 13 x 20 inches.
  • The Stand comes in the dimensions of 50-1/4 x 15 x 28-3/4 inches.


  • 1 x Power filter with the sound-proof functioning feature.
  • 4 x Crushed Corals.
  • 1 x Heater.
  • 1 x Hydrometer.
  • 2 x Marine Salt Mix.
  • 1 x Brine Shrimp Flakes.
  • 1 x Carolina Marine Aquaria Booklet

Things You Will Need:

With Carolina 55 Gallon fish tank and stand combo pack there is nothing else than fishes, remained to complete the entire process of fish keeping, and hence this kit is a great buy for the starters.

Last Verdict:

Well, I don’t think that I have to say much about this 55 Gallon fish tank with stand, as everything is included in the review and probably, now you are completely aware of the benefits this kit may bring to you.View The Product Now

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Advance Aqua Tanks Rectangular 55 Gallon Aquarium Review:

Aquarium Tank, Glass, 55 Gal

If you are searching for an aquarium that will give your room a classy look and a head-turning appearance, then this rectangular shaped 55 Gallon acrylic fish tank from Advance aqua tanks is what you want.

It comes at an extremely reasonable price, which you cannot avail from any other similar store.


Other than the beautiful sleek design of the tank, there are some worth mentioning features, which will definitely help you to consider this tank on your buying list.

  • With this acrylic made fish tank you will get 50% lesser weight than any glass made fish tank.
  • Acrylic gives you more sturdy built and complete leakage proof housing so that you can keep your tank working for years.
  • It is absolutely impact-resistant and scratch-proof in nature, which mean, you can easily avail this tank if you have any kids or pets.
  • The rectangular shape will give your fishes enough space to swim, unlike the 55 Gallon hexagon fish tank.
  • The tank comes with a black background which helps in popping up of your aquatic beauty more prominently.
  • The total shipping weight of this 55 Gallon aquarium is 85 pounds.
  • The dimensions of the tank are – 48″ L x 13″ W x 20″ H.

Things You Will Need:

As this product come with only 55 Gal fish tank, to set up an entire process of fish keeping you will need some essential equipment.

  • 1 x 55 Gallon fish tank lid.
  • 1 x 3-stage filter with a soundless working feature.
  • 2 x LED lights.
  • 1 x Heater to take control of the temperature.
  • 1 x Hydrometer to check the fluctuation of temperature.
  • 1 x Water Conditioner to control the hardness of the water.
  • 1 x pH Calculator(Optional).

In case, you are planning on using this tank for keeping marine lives then a packet of the salt mix is also an essential requirement.

Last Verdict:

You can avail this tank from Advanced aqua tanks at very cheap rate. Also, this tank is both suitable for marine and freshwater fishes, so there are no limitations that you will face with this tank.

All you have to do is to match the essential things that you will need with this tank and finally set it up. So, for me, this is a definite buy for those who are searching for a classy looking rectangular-shaped tank.

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Deep Blue Professional ADB18055 55 Gallon Aquarium Tank Review:

55 Gallon Aquarium Tank Review

Deep Blue Professional manufactures sturdy aquariums for years and mainly popular among the aquarists for giving plenty of features and accessories that anyone can afford.

This cheap 55 Gallon fish tank is also not any different. The sturdy built of the tank makes it a perfect tank of longer durability.


The 55 Gallon aquarium from Deep Blue Professional is packed with features which make it a worth buying tank. The useful features it includes are –

  • This fish aquarium is made of all glass and very much sturdy in nature.
  • Specially manufactured in the United States this tank has the feature of less prone to breakage than any other glass made tanks of its competitors.
  • The tank is black in color which just multiplies the beauty of the blue marine life than any other tank.
  • The glass is scratch-proof and even resistant-proof which keep it in the same condition like the first time.
  • You will need very little maintenance and more time to focus on your marine life.
  • The tank is added with the sump which you will need to keep your marine lives.
  • The holes that you will need to drain into the sump are already pre-drilled so you will get a convenient fish tank which is absolutely reef ready.
  • You can use the tank for freshwater fishes also by removing the sump.
  • The dimensions of the 55 Gallon aquarium are 48 x 13 x 20 inches.
  • The total weight of the tank is 1 pound.

Things You Will Need:

To set up your complete underwater marine environment, you will need the below products:

  • 1 x Power filter with a 3-stage filtration system.
  • 1 x Gravel-filter.
  • 1 x Air Pump.
  • 1 x Air Line Tubing.
  • 1 x Heater.
  • 1 x Thermometer.
  • 1 x Marine Salt Mix.
  • 2 x LED lights.

Last Verdict:

If you are a newbie in the fish keeping hobby and desperately want to get a tank to replicate the underwater marine life, then this tank is absolutely a great start for you.

With the acrylic made tank you will not have to worry about breaking it while handling also it is completely impact-proof which means it will remain same for many years. However, if you have found a sturdy stand for it, then buying this tank will be a great decision for an upgrade seeker also.

 Seapora 59212 Standard Show Aquarium

Aqueon 55 Gallon Aquarium Fish Tank Starter Kit Review

Aqueon certainly, is a well-known name in the aquarium industry and the starter kits it manufactures and sells have grabbed the attention of many buyers over the years because of its affordable rate. With this Aqueon 55 Gallon kit also you will avail some of the best accessories in the market.


The starter kits come with an array of features which will help a beginner or an upgrade seeker to utilize this kit to its fullest.

  • The fish tank is of rectangle shape and has a very sturdy built housing.
  • The primary material used in this tank is clear glass.
  • The fish tank is see through from the three sides except for the bottom and the back.
  • The base of the aquarium is strong enough to hold the 55 gallons of water with other products.
  • The plastic made hood has an aesthetic look which is easy to adjust and remove.
  • The LED light attached to the hood is of medium brightness and can grow some plants.
  • The heater of this fish tank is fixed in a permanent temperature of 79 degrees which is no doubt a thriving temperature for freshwater fishes.
  • The power filter included with this pack has all the crucial features for making the tank water safe and comfortable for your freshwater fishes.
  • A bottle of water conditioner is also included to control the hardness of the tank water.
  • The premium quality fish food added with this kit has been proven to invoke better health in the fishes.
  • You can use this tank both for keeping marine water fishes and freshwater fishes.
  • The fish tank has the dimensions of 24.25 x 12.5 x 19.5 inches.


  • 1 x LED light with minimum brightness.
  • 1 x Fish tank hood.
  • 1 x Quietflow Fish tank filter (Hang on the back)
  • 1 x Water Conditioner.
  • 1 x Fishnet.
  • 1 x Fish flake food.
  • Water Treatment Tablets.
  • 1 x Heater.
  • 1 x Thermometer.

Things You Will Need:

This kit includes all the necessary equipment that you will need to keep your fishes healthy and happy. To get started all you need is a good quality stand which has the ability to hold this 55 Gallon aquarium for a longer period of time.

Last Verdict:

This is a wonderful starter kit which is absolutely a worth buying pack for the newbies as the products included in the pack are all the essential elements of fish keeping.

But it does not mean that it cannot be the perfect kit for the upgrade seekers. The pack is professional enough for an expert and easy enough to set up for a starter. So, I will definitely recommend you to buy this.

Carolina Biological Supply Aquarium Tank 55 Gallon Review:

If the Carolina 55 Gallons tank kit, that I reviewed and placed in the top position of my list is not fitting in your budget, or you already have the equipment and now you require the fish tank only, then congratulations to you, as Carolina is also selling the 55 Gallons of tank separate from the kit within your budget.


When you buy an aquarium from Carolina it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means you can replace, refund or credit the money any time you want. Surely such satisfaction will bring many useful features –

  • The fish tank is made of tempered glass which is very sturdy and robust in nature.
  • You can feel the strength of the bottom which is three times stronger than the other walls.
  • The aquarium is made with 5 glasses of walls that are glued together to give it a strong built.
  • The top and bottom plastic rims are keeping the edges firm.
  • The glass is comparatively less scratch-prone and more resistant to impacts than other glass made tanks in the market.
  • The glued corners are absolutely leakage proof, so you can use it to hold water for a longer period undoubtedly.
  • The tank has the dimensions of 48 x 13 x 20 inches.

Things You Will Need:

If you have an experience with a fish keeping tank, then probably you are well aware of the things that you will need to incorporate with this tank but despite that, it is always useful to keep a list handy. Also, the starters will get a great help.

  • 1 x fish tank lid.
  • 1 x clip on or hang on the back 3-stage filter.
  • 2 x LED lights.
  • 1 x Heater.
  • 1 x Thermometer.
  • 1 x Water Conditioner.
  • 1 x pH Calculator (Optional).

Last Verdict:

This fish tank from Carolina is very sturdy in nature and have a leakage proof housing. Also, the price is very reasonable in nature. Any starter or an upgrade seeker can fit in their budget easily. So, if you are planning to buy a single rectangular tank with superior quality then I will definitely recommend you this product.

Seapora 59212 Standard Show 55 Gallon Aquarium Review:

After Carolina, Seapora is the next reputed company which has managed to take a special place among the aquarists by manufacturing really sturdy glass made fish tanks.

This standalone tank is also not an alternative which can be kept as a 55 Gallon corner fish tank but with a robust stand, capable enough to bear its weight.


This more or less rectangular shaped tank comes with some useful features which might indulge you in buying this product from Seapora.

  • All the aquariums from Seapora including this, are specially made in the United States which means to them quality matter a lot which is why for cutting costs they do not manufacture the tanks from other countries.
  • The clear glass made tanks are sealed with silicone in the corners which give a special aesthetic charm to the entire set up of the tank.
  • The glass is very much sturdy in nature and less prone to chipping. It is also scratch-proof and impact-resistant which is why it is safe to use in a house full of kids or pets.
  • The leakage-proof housing helps the user to hold the 55 gallons of water along with other accessories for a longer period of time.
  • The dimensions of the tank are 13 x 20 x 48 inches.

Things You Will Need:

Certainly, the tank will not complete your entire set of fish keeping. So to accomplish that here is a list of those necessary types of equipment, you will need.

  • 1 x Light Fish tank hood.
  • 1 x Soundless filter with 3- stage filtration.
  • 1 x Heater with adjusting temperature control.
  • 1 x Hydrometer.
  • 2 x LED lights for imitating day and moonlight.
  • 1 x Water Conditioner for controlling the hardness of the water.
  • 1 x pH calculator. (Optional)

Last Verdict:

This is the cheapest 55 gallons tank available in the market with such sturdiness and durability. Incorporating it with the right set of equipment will literally give you a wonderful result. So, if you ask me, I will definitely recommend this product to any beginner or an aquarist to set up a proper underwater environment.

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