Best Sector 9 Longboards

Alright guys, the word is out, if you’re looking to buy a new longboard or just looking for an upgrade, you came to the right place. Sector 9 longboards have become increasingly popular, grown the longboard community to new lengths ever since the beginning and continuing to do so year after year. Every true rider is talking about them, so why not see what this brand has to offer?

Sector 9 is, and has always been, one of the leading companies to provide longboarding equipment and accessories to riders. Their whole purpose is to get as many people as possible on a quality longboard. They have everything to properly welcome the true beginners to the sport of longboard. They have the products to give the more experienced riders an upgrade. And they have the products to give all riders a safe and fun time with every ride.

Yes, we all like to choose what we buy based on how the products look. We hate to break it to you, but, the creative art on the bottom of the board is not nearly as important as finding a longboard that is specifically designed to suit your riding style. Sector 9 creates many different designs of boards that vary in size, shape, and purpose. Finding one that is suited for you is exactly what we are here for.

The Different Riding Styles

The components of the longboard strongly suit it for a certain type of riding. And choosing a longboard that is built for your riding style is going to be easier and more comfortable to ride for long period of time. The four major riding styles out there are downhill, freestyle, freeride, and cruising.

Downhill is a fast paced style of longboarding. The whole objective to this type of riding is to get going the fastest you possibly can. This riding style is for those adrenaline junkies out there that love to live on the edge and come as close to danger as possible. This truly is a dangerous style and should always be taken seriously with the proper safety equipment and longboard design. The ideal longboard for downhill riding would be something stiff with many layers of material in the deck. It should have wheels with a low durometer to keep you gripped to the ground and in control at all times. Trucks that are solid and very responsive so you can make the board go the direction you always want it to. Those are the main components and we are going to help you find something like that below.

Freestyle. It is a unique style of riding where it combines some speed and style alone. Sliding, flipping the board, hanging ten. These are all what you can expect to see from a longboard freerider. They are the most stylish type of riding and require a proper board to meet their needs. A perfect freeriding board would be a deck that is lighter, less layers of material, and has a drop-through or drop-down feature, and some sort of kick-tail. This will give you a lower center of gravity and make sliding and tricking a whole lot easier.

Free riding is all about those long powerslides. It’s not about just going down the hill at high speeds. It’s about going down the hill sideways at high speeds. Talk about danger! Wheels with a high durometer would be perfect because they will help you catch those long slides and maintain speed and control. Getting into this style of riding requires you to obtain sliding gloves. You don’t want road rash all off your palms now do you?

Just cruising around on your longboard throughout the town is a casual style of riding. It doesn’t take much effort but can be very relaxing and a good form of exercise. This is usually a style for beginners because the boards designed for cruising usually have a wider deck to give you more stability to get comfortable while riding. The boards designed for this style are used as an entry to the sport of longboarding and can almost adapt to any other style of riding. You will be able to try some downhilling and freeriding with this board but it will obviously not be as ideal as a longboard designed for downhill or freeriding. Pick up one of these boards if you are not sure what style of riding you are into and start exploring!

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